Based on the guidance from California health officials, and to care for everyone’s health in this uncertain time, the physical location of Inner Way LA will be temporarily closed.
However, our community remains open and connected
and some events will be available online. 
Please check our calendar for more information.
Our amazing community, teachings and practice can be a great source of refuge in these troubled times.
Please make an effort to stay connected and engaged.
May you be well, safe and happy.
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Inner Way LA is an inclusive community and space
to connect with others and ourselves,
to explore creativity in a meaningful way, and
to allow for inner growth for the benefit of all.
  • Featured event

    Monthly Aura Clearing


    Dates: 3rd Saturdays of the month: Sept. 19th, Oct. 17th, Nov. 21st, Dec. 19th
    Time: 11:00am-1:00pm PST
    Online via Zoom. Join live or by recording to watch at your convenience. 
    Cost:$20 per session (If you have financial concerns please contact Mirah)
    Register: To receive a zoom link, contact Mirah at

    These sessions offer meditative journeys that cleanse the major energy centers and all 7 layers of the personal aura. This fall we focus on chakra dynamics with an eye to discovering how inner relationships can shape outer experience and visa versa.
    Regular energy clearings of this in depth nature hone self-healing abilities while promoting physical health, emotional resilience, and mental clarity.

    This course is free for monthly donors. Become a donor now. Please register by emailing Mirah and let her know that you are a monthly donor.


    Mirah Love is a mystic who serves as a spiritual counselor and psychic. She works one on one and in groups. Her sessions offer practical tools for exploring our multidimensional nature and living with integrity. 

    Mirah is the founder and guide for Lady Wisdom, a community that researches and teaches energy healing for women. She was a tenured Professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara, with her research in somatic consciousness. She has also held multi-year teaching appointments at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and The California Institute of the Arts. Mirah served as the resident teacher and spiritual advisor at the meditation center, Inner Way, LA, and has taught around the world for 20 years on creative and spiritual development.
    November 21, 2020 at 11am
  • Featured event

    Touching Into Compassionate Wisdom


    Sunday, November 22
    9:00am-1:00pm PST
    Online via Zoom
    Suggested Donation: sliding scale $30 - $60 (No one turned away due to lack of funds)

    Please RSVP & purchase tickets below to receive the Zoom link

    As we ride the waves of emotion and change during this time of pandemic and social upheaval, we can still take care of ourselves wisely and kindly through a nourishing spiritual practice. Now is the perfect time to join us, online, for Inner Way LA’s half-day virtual retreat, appropriate for meditators of all backgrounds and experience levels. This retreat will give you an opportunity to pause, breathe, check in with yourself, and get more grounded. In our time together, we will focus especially on cultivating mindful presence, inquiry, and a compassionate relationship toward ourselves and others.

    We will be led by Jeremy Graves, co-author of the bestselling meditation manual The Mind Illuminated. Jeremy is a long-time contemplative practitioner, with years of intensive silent retreat experience. He has studied mindfulness of breathing, vipassana in the Mahasi and Goenka traditions, and the divine abodes, and enjoys helping other meditators with these practices.
    November 22, 2020 at 9am
    $30.00 USD · 6 rsvps