Who We Are

Inner Way LA provides practical instruction for a vibrant, meaningful life infused with ethical integrity, compassion for others, mindful awareness and wisdom. The Center offers classes, grounded in the time-tested doctrines and practices for realizing deep peace within our modern lifestyle. Everyone is welcome to enjoy yoga classes, guided meditations, in-depth study courses, community events and seasonal retreats. 

We acknowledge, honor and are inspired by the beneficial guidelines found in the world’s authentic spiritual traditions. Our doors are open to everyone – religious or irreligious, affiliated or non-affiliated. We welcome all who come in the spirit of critical intelligence and tolerant open-mindedness, and who have a strong desire to alleviate and eventually totally overcome their own suffering and that of their fellow human beings.

We believe the purpose of a spiritual life is not to become better than others, but better for others.

We are a non-profit tax exempt (501c3) organization.