The Mind Illuminated

An interview with Jeremy Graves, co-author (alongside meditation master and neuroscientist Culadasa and Matthew Immergut Ph.D) of the newly released book "The Mind Illuminated: A complete Meditation Manual integrating Buddhist Wisdom and Brain Science’. Jeremy is an advanced meditator and veteran of an accumulated year and half of silent meditation retreat, and a close student of Upasaka Culadasa/Professor John Yates.  
He will replace Culadasa/Prof. John Yates who has had to cancel due to a medical condition. We all wish Culadasa a speedy recovery and hope to have him join us at CH-LA soon. 

About Consciousness Hacking: 
Neuroscientists, game designers, technologists, hackers, and meditators get together to explore new ways to improve our inner and outer reality around the intersection between authentic spiritual traditions and science.

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October 29, 2015 at 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Middle Way LA
Darin ·

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