Going Deeper: Exploring Themes in Spirituality & Activism

Going Deeper: Exploring Themes in Spirituality & Activism

with Shadi Mogadime

Saturdays - July 18, July 25, August 1, August 15 , August 22

4:30 – 6:30pm PST

Five 2-hour sessions where we will go deeper in our exploration of the four themes I introduced in the Courage, Connection and Spiritual Activism Community Gathering. This will allow more time (at least 45 minutes per session) for discussion as a community and in breakout groups as well more time for QnA:

Session 1: Spiritual Activism – Assuaging the shadows of both spirituality and activism with Spiritual Activism and taking action in the world with wisdom, power, passion and compassion.

Session 2: Rooted in the Heart (Courage) – Healing and self-love to support and strengthen us as individuals

Session 3: Connecting and Standing Together –Working through ‘othering’ by increasing our empathetic abilities and connecting more deeply to our cause and each other

Session 4: Creating a Vision for Ourselves and our Communities – why and how to create a clear purpose & vision and then implement it in the world

Session 5: Integration Session – The chance to ask any lingering questions, share your experiences in the world and come together to support each other as we take action in the world and our visions begin to come to life

Throughout this course we will continue to explore and bring greater awareness to the presence of the space between us; the intersubjectivity. Skills in this area are very needed at this time in history and will support our personal development as well as helping us build communities.

After each session participants will be given optional practices they can do at home to deepen and further explore the theme from the session

Though we will use the racial issues that are a currently boiling as our focus point (drishti), the course materials will be applicable to any heart-felt cause and concern that participants engage in afterwards.

By donation:  $25 per session or $75 - $125 for all five sessions (the course).

Please RSVP below to get the link to the online conference.

This is course is offered by suggested donation on a sliding scale between $75 - $125 for the whole course (all five sessions). Donations are shared between Shadi Mogadime and Inner Way LA.

Please donate at the highest level that is sustainable for you. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. If none of the suggested donation amounts is do-able for you, please reach out to Shadi to discuss a work-study scholarship: [email protected]

This course is free for monthly donors. Become a donor now. Monthly donors will get an email with online conference details.

Recordings: It would be great for you to attend in person so you can participate in the discussions that will be an integral part of these sessions. When that’s just not possible you will have the link to the recording. All sessions will be recorded and shared with those registered for the session or the course. For the sake of even greater privacy, participants will have the option to pause recording at anytime during the session (break out groups are not recorded)

Shadi Mogadime

Shadi (pronounced so it rhymes with buddy) has been a student of many modalities in 30+ years of spiritual and personal growth exploration. Her deepest dive has been in esoteric Buddhism with her heart teacher Lama Marut and in practices of meditation, yoga and qigong as well as other wellness technologies. For the last 5 years, she has used these experiences and the knowledge she developed to mentor organizations and coaching clients from around the world. She feels privileged to have spent her 25-year professional career in the charitable sector fundraising and marketing for the missions of crucial humanitarian causes and arts & culture organizations. Along with her on-going coaching and mentoring work, her current focus is creating a platform to support women in the caring professions with wellness resources, practices and indulgence


July 18, 2020 at 4:30pm - 6:30pm
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$125.00 Suggested donation for the Whole Course (All five sessions)
$100.00 Suggested donation for the Whole Course (All five sessions)
$75.00 Suggested donation for the Whole Course (All five sessions)
$25.00 Suggested donation per Session


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