How to Live Well in a Messy World: The Yoga of Action

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The CLASSICAL TEXTS AND AUTHENTIC PRACTICES OF EASTERN SPIRITUALITY curriculum offers a progressively unfolding, comprehensive course of study in the wisdom and practical application of Eastern spirituality as it pertains to modern life. 

The curriculum as a whole is comprised of twelve courses to be taught over two years. When taken together, these stand-alone courses constitute an extensive course of study in the classical scriptures and principal practices of Eastern spirituality. 

Based on Lama Marut’s original translations and relevant, applicable interpretations of the Sanskrit classics of the Hindu, Buddhist, and Yogic traditions, each course consists of six weekly two-hour interactive online classes, including lecture, discussion, and guided meditation portions. 

These courses cover a wide range of teachings and practices from an inclusive, comparative, and non-sectarian point of view. They are designed to provide an in-depth, systematic, and coherent foundation and overall framework for any serious spiritual practitioner.

Module 8 - How to Live Well in a Messy World: The Yoga of Action

This course will explore the yoga of action as a practice for conducting ourselves in such a way that liberation is possible without giving up worldly activity and relationships.

Sundays, 14 March - 18 April 2021

4:30 pm PT (5:30 pm MT/6:30 pm CT/7:30 pm ET)

2-hour sessions

Recordings available within 48 hours if you miss a session!

The second of the three yogas of the Bhagavad Gita, karma yoga, provides the key to freedom not through renunciation of the world but rather while still actively engaged in the world. While we may now be imprisoned in the world of karma, the yoga of action is a practice for conducting ourselves in such a way that liberation is possible without giving up worldly activity and relationships.

Topics include: “The Necessity of Action,” “The Laws of Karma,” “Karma and the Mental Afflictions,” “Liberation from Karma,” “Action for Its Own Sake,” “Detached Action,” “Selfless Action,” and “Offering Up the Fruits of Action.”

Benefits of the Course:

  • Learn what the Gita says about debilitating depression and how overcome it
  • Analyze the apparent discrepancy between what you think you should do and what you feel you must do in your life
  • Recognize the “laws of karma” and how they work
  • Discover how to escape from the “laws of karma” and achieve liberation not through renunciation but by means of informed, disciplined, and selfless action without expectation
  • Implement your practice of “karma yoga” in service to others

Based on selections from the Bhagavad Gita.


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About Rick Blue

For the better part of twenty years Rick was privileged to have Lama Marut as a teacher and a friend. Throughout those years, while working in the film and television industry in Los Angeles, Rick studied continuously with his Lama, including a rigorous a series of eighteen courses in both Tibetan Buddhist Sutra and Tantra. He helped to found Marut’s flagship Buddhist Center in Los Angeles, and later served as Resident Teacher/Spiritual Advisor of the affiliate Middle Way Center in Cape Ann, Massachusetts.

For ten years, Rick and his wife Lindsay Crouse hosted the annual Summer Retreat where thousands of people were introduced to Lama Marut’s brilliant teaching, his wisdom, kindness and humor.  

“It is a privilege to present one of Lamaji’s courses in remembrance of all he shared with us: high spiritual teachings delivered with great patience, and his unique brand of warmth and scholarship.” - Rick Blue

Rick Blue

Each of the twelve courses consists of six classes, and each class includes a practice to help you directly integrate the teachings into your everyday life. Registrants for each course will have access to the archive of visual and audio recordings of the classes. Classes that will meet weekly and last 2 hrs.

Each class includes a lecture and time for Q&A as well as either a live guided meditation or a recording to work with during the week. Participants who complete all twelve of the classes will receive a certificate of completion from Lama Marut’s spiritual center, Inner Way LA.

  • One course: $225.00 USD
  • Three courses: $500.00 USD
  • Complete twelve course package (save $900.00 USD): $1800.00 USD

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