Kalari Ppayattu is the oldest martial arts in the world.  It is called the “mother of all martial arts.” The story goes that along with Buddhism, the Indian martial art Kalari traveled from India to rest of Asia.  A unique class designed by Gurus Anil Natyaveda and Dr. Aparna Sindhoor to help kids and adults have a mindful routine that helps to keep the body and mind strong and fit in the world. Kalari class is suitable for all ages and body types. Classes with Gurus Sindhoor and Natyaveda will take the students through a journey that will engage in stretch, animal-movement exercise series, self-defense techniques and weapon work along with breathing techniques and meditation. Kalri will lead us to a way of life that is holistic and introspective.  www.navarasa.org

Gurus Anil Natyaveda (Co-Director) and Dr. Aparna Sindhoor (Founder/Artistic Director of Navarasa Dance Theater www.navarasa.org) are world renowned teachers, choreographers, directors, and performers. They have been teaching Kalari ppayattu (Indian martial art), Yoga and Indian classical dance, for more than two decades around the world.  They teach in studio and online for students from all backgrounds and age groups. Guru Natyaveda is one of the world’s leading experts of Kalari. They have choreographed for Indian films including Santhosh Sivan’s, Anandabadhram, S M Raju’s Varnam.  They have collaborated with Cirque du soleil famed Franco Dragone’ and recently worked with Oscar winner Antony Dodd Mantel. Gurus Sindhoor and Natyaveda have brought the training of Kalari ppayattu in a serious way to North America by teaching at their institution (Navarasa Dance Theater), schools, universities and senior centers.  They have created “Dance For Everyone” program that is bringing free and subsidized dance, martial art and yoga classes to more than 150 underprivileged kids and adults in India and USA. Kalari classes designed by Sindhoor/Natyaveda help people live their life to full potential with mindfulness. 


September 11, 2018 at 7:30pm - 8:30pm
Middle Way LA
6512 Arizona Ave
Playa Vista, CA 90045
United States
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$200.00 Kalari
For 10-class series
$25.00 Kalari
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