The Great Ideas of Buddhism, Part 2

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A comprehensive and practical exploration of the most essential teachings of Tibetan Buddhism in the lineage of the Dalai Lamas. This intensive and fast-paced course will illuminate deep wisdom as presented in The Diamond Cutter Sutra, the vision and commitments of the bodhisattva practice of compassion, Buddhist view of death and other realms, and monastic discipline.

March 5-6 (Sat 1-8pm, Sun 1-6pm)
April 2-3 (Sat 1-8pm, Sun 11a-4pm)
*with breaks

Teacher: Dima Yepishin

Dima has been debating his own spiritual confusion since his first introduction to Orthodox Judaism at age 12 during a summer camp in his hometown in Ukraine. Since then, he has graduated from a Jewish seminary, completed the 18 core courses in Buddhism at Middle Way LA and continues to study the advanced curriculum. In his spare time, Dima designs software and consults on business, marketing and technology.

Dima Yepishin ·

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