Enjoying Each Moment More - with Mindfulness

Enjoying Each Moment More - with Mindfulness
A Daylong Meditation Workshop with STEPHANIE NASH
Saturday, October 26, 10 am - 4:30 pm

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In this workshop we will explore how the body affects the mind, as well as how the mind affects the body. We will also explore how we can mindfully tune into always available pleasant sensory experience and “accentuate the positive” – to gain more appreciation & satisfaction from our moment to moment experience. The day will include guided meditation, discussion, and a bit of fluid movement in a warm, friendly environment.

In this daylong retreat, we will explore being more present with ease – and also noticing what feels good about that. 

Stephanie is an expert on posture & how body language affects what you think & do – so she will help everyone understand and experience how to create a balanced, open body that supports the process of focus and insight that meditation cultivates.
Steph also can help people identify how the sitting gear they are using – even if it’s a chair – can be optimized to better support ease & stability for their body.  So if you have any aches or pains when you sit to meditate, there will be an opportunity to have those addressed.

We will also bring awareness to what gets in the way of us enjoying each moment more – and various strategies will be presented for helping obstacles release.
And, in addition to bringing our attention to pleasant experience that we might not normally notice, we will also work with some different ways to “frame” our experience, that creates a more conducive environment for ease and satisfaction.

And Steph is also known for bringing a playful energy into the practice, inviting you to have a lighter, more fun – while still being mindful and clear – experience.
We will play with some easy gentle fluid movement – and maybe even a bit of laughter.
We’ll see how it unfolds.  Steph says she always has a gameplan of what she will present, but then tailorrs the day to best support the people who come – so everything is subject to change as opportunities to explore arise during the day.

We invite you to join us, and look forward to participating in this journey with Steph together.



STEPHANIE NASH is a Mindfulness Coach, Integrative Counselor & Speaker who is a senior teacher of Unified Mindfulness, a system developed by Shinzen Young, with whom she has worked closely since 1998.  She was recently a co-teacher at one of Shinzen’s retreats here in So Cal.

Steph used the UM system to design & teach a mindfulness program for a Harvard Medical School brain study which had breakthrough results.

A few of her more popular programs are: "Stress Reduction & Well Being", “Enhancing Performance with Mindfulness”, “Rewire Eating Habits”, and “Letting Go of Negative Thinking & Judgment” - and Steph’s meditations are featured on the Insight Timer app – as well as the UM-inspired Brightmind app.

From her years of work with physical modalities, Stephanie emphasizes the importance of being embodied as part of our mindfulness practice – and, at UCLA, she teaches how body position, balance & movement can affect thoughts & feelings.  Steph’s “Posture for Meditation” article is now used by meditation teachers and centers all over the world.

Stephanie has been a professional actress since 1988 – working in TV, film, theatre and, yes, commercials.

October 26, 2019 at 10:00am - 4:30pm
Inner Way LA
6512 Arizona Ave
Playa Vista, CA 90045
United States
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