Darin McFayden was raised a Christian. He has practiced Yoga since 1998 in the Satyananda/Sivananda Yoga tradition. Darin has studied the great texts of Yoga as well as those of the Tibetan Buddhist Sutra and Tantra systems under Lama Marut. More recently, he has done retreat with and studied the teachings of Upasaka Culadasa (Professor John Yates), a meditation master trained in both the Theravadin and Tibetan Buddhist lineages.

He currently teaches a series of talks with Claire Thompson both live and online at www.YogaofBass.com highlighting the intersection between Music, Art and Spirituality. When not on tour as Electronic Dance Music artist DJ FreQ Nasty, Darin spends his spare time teaching Ecstatic Bass Yoga classes or jamming with the 8-piece Electronic Kirtan band, Dub Kirtan All-Stars.